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Excalibur: Liveaboard diving

The Excalibur will be doing 4 days/ 4 nights trips and 5 days/ 5 nights trips to the Similan Islands, Ko Bon, Tachai and Richelieu Rock, Itineraries are for general information and are approximate only.

4 Days/ 4 Nights Departure day 18:00 departure from Phuket
Day 1 4 dives in the northern part of the Similan Islands.
Day 2 4 dives at Ko Tachai, Richelieu Rock
Day 3 4 dives at Ko Bon and the Similan Islands.
Day 4 2 dives in the southern part of the Similan Islands. Return to Phuket around 19:00

5 Days/ 5 Nights Departure day 18:00 departure from Phuket
Day 1 4 dives in the northern part of the Similan Islands.
Day 2 4 dives at Ko Bon, Ko Tachai, Richelieu Rock
Day 3 4 dives at Richelieu Rock
Day 4 4 dives at Ko Bon, and Ko Tachai
Day 5 2 Dives in the Similan Islands. Return to Phuket at 19:00

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Phi Phi Island Trips 2 Days & 2 Nights

The Best of Phi Phi Island is the shortest scheduled trip that we offer, taking only 2 days and 2 Nights and covering some of the most outstanding reef's and spectacular scenery in the Andaman Sea. The trip begins from Phi Phi Don Island at 9:30am where we will head out of Ton Sai Bay and north towards our first three dive sites, Anemone Reef, Phuket Shark point and The wreck of the "King Cruiser". After completing these we then cruise towards Maya Bay on Phi Phi Ley for a late afternoon dive and a night dive. The next morning Bida Noc or Bida Nai will be our first stop followed by Phi Phi Shark point and Hin Klai, favoured spots of the Leopard Sharks then it's off to Loh Samah Bay and another night dive for those who wish. The following morning we will head back in to Ton Sai Bay.


Hin Deang and Hin Muang Trips 3 Days & 3 Nights

Our second and most popular trip is out to Hin Deang and Hin Muang, These two sites are rated as some of the best diving in Asia. Travelling south from Phi Phi our first stop is PP Shark point and then on to Koh Ha a group of 5 uninhabited Islands just over half way to Koh Rok Nok where we will spend the night. When we wake the following morning the boat will be moored over one of the highlights of this trip, Hin Muang (Purple Rock). Day Two we will spend the whole day moving back and forth from Hin Muang and Hin Deang (Red Rock) logging as many dives as possible, because the more dives we make the higher the chance of seeing Manta's and Whale sharks, Moving back towards Rok Nok In the evening for a night dive for those who want.

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Similan Islands 4 Days & 4 Nights

This group of rocks and islands, lying 52 miles northeast of Phuket, Was declared a marine national park in 1982 and consequently remains largely undeveloped. The name is derived from the malay sembilan, meaning 'nine', and refers to the nine main islands in the group. The waters surrounding the Similans are teeming with tropical fish, and colourful coral, and offer exceptional underwater visibility at most times of the year. The diving is certainly some of the best in Thailand, and compares favourably with some of the best in the world. The Similans, along with the islands and rocks to the north, are now a recognize feature on the world diving map, And are particularly noted for the regularity with which divers meet Whale Sharks and Manta Rays. The submarine topography is especially interesting, due in part to huge granite boulders which not only litter the shorelines, but also lie in jumbled heaps beneath the waves to depth of 35 meters and beyond. During Similan trips we will visit as many different dive sites around the nine Islands as possible making on some days up to 5 dives in a single day on sites such as, Christmas Point, Breakfast Bend, Elephant Head Rock, Fantasy Reef and many more.

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